Special Session with Alex and Liluye

Special Session with Alex and Liluye

I promised there was another guest for Lilis photoshoot and here it is. This was such a special thing for me to photograph for Alex! I was there the day her and John met. I got to witness her pure happiness in holding Lili for the very first time.  I asked her to write her story which I share below.

“On October 15th, 2023, at 3:11 pm, my life changed forever. I was at the pow wow in Wheaton. I wasn’t able to dance that weekend and I was very upset but I knew it was for a good reason. When I went into visit the k.a.r.e team, I saw a hawk that no one was paying attention to. Everyone was looking at the owl. I went over to the hawk and made a noise to see if I could get its attention. Hawks are my totem, but I felt attached to this hawk for some reason. When John heard me make the noise, he was like, “What is making that sound ?” I said sorry it’s me. I love Hawks, and they are my totem.” I explained to John how hawks are my totem and it’s on my fancy shawl. I told him that I couldn’t dance, before I could walk away. John said, “How about this? You come back around 230-3, and I’ll let you hold her.” I was beyond excited, I called all my family & friends who knew how much a red tail hawk meant to me. I cried. I jumped for joy when I walked out to go get food! I felt like a kid! When time passed and I finally got to hold liluye, I felt so connected to her, and I didn’t know why. Everything felt perfect. Yes, I was nervous. My fiance and friend came to the pow wow with me. As David recorded and took pictures on my phone. I felt so much lifted off my chest at that moment. John said – I hate to say this, but this brings a tear to my eye. I made more than just a physical connection with liluye , I made a spiritual connection! John taught me much more about a red tail hawk than I knew. I knew some but not too much! John and I have been in a connection since that day we’ve been connection. John has been there for me for everything since that day. I love him like an uncle. One of the things that I will forever keep from John telling me is, “When I saw your connection with Liluye, I knew you were special. I know you will go forward and help these birds in any way possible. ❤ I think of you as a kindred soul.” I miss Liluye every day. John will forever be apart of my life! I’m grateful that I got to be on a journey with my totem!”

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