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Underwater photography fun- Hampshire Illinois
October 13, 2020
Underwater photography is SO FUN! Long flowy dresses and cool props make for an amazing shoot. I walk you through all the posing so you dont have to worry about a thing. You can use one of my dresses or bring your own. I have plenty to choose from. Lets create your dream shoot together! […]
Dance shots in the rain! Hampshire Illinois
October 6, 2020
This water set up was beyond FUN! I made a temporary rain machine in my garage so I could try out some new kind of shots. I always loved the back lit rain shots I got during night time weddings so I wanted to be able to do that without waiting for a storm. I […]
Illinois Kitten Photography
August 5, 2020
I had the pleasure of photographing these beautiful kittens! This kitten studio session was a blast as well as a challenge. Normally we can leash the pet and I photoshop the leash out but we weren’t able to do that with these little cuties. Do you have new fur family? Bring them in for a […]
Arctic Fox Illinois-Studio Session
Bella is a gorgeous Arctic Fox. She is at a rescue in Illinois call Kane Area Rehabilitation and Education. She is with KARE because she was taken from the owners due to zoning issues where it was living. She is well taken care of and will go with the other foxes in KARE to play […]
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