November 23, 2018

Dancer Photos-Chicago Illinois

This beautiful dancer comes all the way from Germany! She has been dancing since she was 8 years old and specializes in jazz, contemporary and ballet. On my way to meet her along the Chicago lake front, the sky suddenly turned dark and it started raining. Luckily it was just a brief downpour and it was over just in time. I was able to photograph her with various different backgrounds along North Avenue Beach including the iconic Chicago Skyline, Lake Michigan and in the sand.

This photo shoot took place on the last 80 degree day of 2018. The water temperature wasn’t very warm, but we were having so much fun, she suggested we do photos in the water! I was totally up for that. I’m so glad we did because we sure captured some amazing photos!

I could photograph dancers doing their jumps all day long.Our German dancer wore some handmade tulle skirts that we offer. Please take a look at the photos below and contact me if you would like your own special dance portraits.

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