Fairy Tale Child Photography Chicago Il


Fairy Tale Child Photography Chicago Il

Fairy tale Children’s Photography is taking the fantasy world of a child and creating imagery to reflect their desires, thoughts and make believe worlds. This can be the imagination of a young boy thinking about how he wants to be a knight in shining armor when he grows up. Your little girl may dream about being in a field with her favorite animals or dancing with sparkles all around her. I can make that a reality.

The Process

Pre-consultation– After you contact us we will often set up a time to have a brief phone call so we can discuss what you are looking for in your child’s portraits. If you prefer, we can schedule an in person consultation where I will meet you and your child.  We will discuss possible session locations and talk about the photos you feel are the most important to capture. There’s no child in the world like yours — That’s why I’ll work carefully with you to create memories worth sharing. I offer photos in my studio and on location.

Photography session– Since we chat beforehand about the photos you are looking for, I have a plan in place for how to achieve those photos. We typically start off the session slow so the child can warm up. I make these sessions a lot of fun by having your children dance and play. There will be candid and posed shots created throughout the session. I coach your child on how to pose for specific shots you may want. I do that a lot with the fairy tale type shots. These sessions generally last 2 hours.   However sometimes they are only an hour and at other times they take 3 hours.

Photo Reveal– You will come back for a photo reveal/ordering session. This is where you get to see your portraits and order your favorites along with the products you like. There is no minimum purchase and you only purchase what you love. We have digital packages, wall art, matted prints, albums, acrylic blocks, video albums and heirloom folio boxes to offer. You will have the price list sent to you after our first contact and you will be able to see the product in person during your shoot at our studio. All forms of payment are accepted; and we also have interest-free payment plans available to fit everyone’s budget.

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Fairy Tale Child Photography Fee


Session Fee includes
Pre-shoot consultation to plan your session via phone or in person (your choice)
Up to 60 minutes of shooting time (In studio or on location or a mix of both depending on outdoor location)
Multiple outfit changes (**not included in mini session)
Use of client wardrobe (Maternity, Glamour, Boudoir, Child Dresses and Dresses for Seniors)
Fully Guided Posing
Artistically edited custom magazine-style image editing on your chosen images
Online gallery to choose your images from


You can add professional hair and make up for an additional $100

Fairy Tale Child Photography Chicago Il

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Fairy Tale Child Photography Chicago Il F.A.Q

My child isn’t experienced or a model, can you still get great photos?

If the child is having a hard time understanding certain poses we are going for, I show them what I am mean by doing the pose myself. I also do simple things like tell them to run and dance to get certain photos and that is usually easier for them. Some of my best photos are the unposed ones that I get in between posed photos when the child is just running, playing, and being themselves.

How do you come up with photo shoot ideas?

We plan your childs photo shoot together by me asking them what they dream of being and also getting to know what kind of ideas you both have.

Do you supply the outfit and props or do I have to have my own?

You can bring your own outfit and props if you already have the ones you want. I also have a variety of dresses, fairy/butterfly wings, crowns and assorted props that you can borrow for our photo shoot if you wish at no extra charge. Another option we have is to rent you a designer dress if you want at no additional charge to you.

What Products do you offer and can I just have the digital images on a disc?

We offer wall art, albums, keepsake folio boxes with prints inside, and digital images on a USB drive. I believe in printing your photos so I sell prints but I offer both prints and digital images. We have packages that include prints and digital images together or you can buy prints or digital images al a carte.

How much does this cost?

The average client investment is between $900-$2400, some spend less and some spend more. There is no minimum purchase, you only purchase what you love.

Do you offer payment plans and what forms of payment do you take?

Yes we do have payment plans. We accept cash, check, and credit cards.

Where do the photo sessions take place?

The location of the photo shoot is based on what type of photos you are looking for. We choose a location after we chat about specific kinds of photos you want. One example is if you wanted a mermaid photo shoot, I would bring you to a location I use a lot for those type of shoots or a beach of your choice. Fairy photos can take place in a wooded area we both choose. It all depends on what theme we come up with. I also have an indoor studio space in Hampshire Illinois we do portraits in.

Can you do photo sessions year round?

Yes but depending on what look you are going for, certain things are easier to do during certain times of the year. Mermaid sessions are typically done in the Spring and Summer. Frozen themed shoots can be done when there is snow on the ground. I do most of my princess, fairy, and mermaid photos outside during the Spring, Summer and Fall. I also offer studio sessions where I can place your child in other scenes if it is too cold for the theme you want at the time.

What if my child is shy or isn’t listening?

I’ve been photographing children since 2011 and am used to all the different kinds of emotions that might happen. I am very patient during the photo shoot. If they are shy I gently engage them by playing or joking until they warm up. I understand kids can have short attention spans so I keep things going and go with the flow. If the child happens to get upset or doesn’t like the current idea, I redirect the attention and try a different pose that they feel better doing.

How do I Book a Photo Shoot?

You can email me at capturedbylorraine@gmail.com to get the process started. To book a photo shoot you must pay a $199 non-refundable session fee.  The session fee does not include photos.

[napoli_about title=”About the Photographer” image=”15″]My fine art children portraiture clients come to my studio because I have a way with capturing your child’s unique personality through my photos. My love for fairy tales and whimsy allows me to make magic come alive in my photos. We can bring your child’s dreams to life. Your child’s session is personal and customized to meet your wants and needs. I meet with you a few weeks before to go over any questions and concerns you have. We also go over outfit choices and any ideas for the child’s shoot which you may want/have.

Does your little girl love to dress up as a princess? I offer and rent couture gowns for our photo shoots at no additional cost to you. She’s only this small for such a short time, so let’s capture that to look back on forever![/napoli_about]

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