Dance Photography Lakewood Il

Dance Photography Il

Dance Photography Lakewood Il

Dancing isn’t just a sport, it’s a passion and a purpose that requires huge amounts of discipline, poise, mastery and determination. Dance photo sessions are an opportunity for us to work together to achieve compelling images of you in your very best poses. Dancing is a beautiful art form, and I love to create artistic dance portraits that show off your grace and talent. Feel free to check out the gallery below to see more dance examples as it is updated often.

The Process


After you contact us we will often set up a time to have a brief phone call so we can discuss what you are looking for in your dance portraits. If you prefer, we can schedule an in person consultation where I will meet you. We will discuss possible session locations and talk about the photos you feel are the most important to capture. I’ll work carefully with you to create pieces of artwork worth sharing. I offer photos in my studio and on location.

Photography Session

Portfolio sessions are an opportunity for us to work together to achieve compelling images of you in your very best poses. I want to showcase your talents. In addition to knowing what you want to highlight, you should also have as many options as possible ready. It’s very important to have a repertoire to draw upon so you can get a lot of variety. While it’s possible that your very first attempt leads to a great image, it is much more likely that we will take many, many shots to get the best possible image.


Dance Photography Fee


Session Fee includes
Pre-shoot consultation to plan your session via phone or in person (your choice)
Up to 60 minutes of shooting time (In studio or on location or a mix of both depending on outdoor location)
Multiple outfit changes (**not included in mini session)
Use of client wardrobe (Maternity, Glamour, Boudoir, Child Dresses and Dresses for Seniors)
Fully Guided Posing
Artistically edited custom magazine-style image editing on your chosen images
Online gallery to choose your images from


You can add professional hair and make up for an additional $100

Dance Photography Lakewood Il

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Dance Photography Il

Dance Photography Lakewood Il F.A.Q

What can I do to prepare?

You should give a lot of thought to how you want to be photographed and what you want those images to communicate about you. Portfolio sessions are an opportunity for us to work together to achieve compelling images of you in your very best poses, please arrive with some clear ideas of which poses work the best for you. You need to first know your strong suit as a dancer. Are you better at lots of jumps and high kicks, or are beautiful lines your thing?

Are there any timing requirements or best times to schedule dance photos?

I love to do dance photos all year round, but here are a few things to keep in mind: If you have a deadline on when the photo is due, you have to keep that in mind. We have a two week turn around on photos (subject to change). Studio photo shoots can be done any time of day. The 2 hours before sunset is the best time for outdoor photo shoots.

What should I bring / wear for dance pictures??

I encourage you to take some time to think about which clothing will be most flattering to your particular shape and proportions, which colors work best with your skin tones and hair coloring, and what makes you feel most comfortable and confident. Should the mood of the photos be more classic or contemporary? Are you wearing tights or jeans? A leotard or a dress? Heels, pointe shoes or bare feet? No matter what clothes you’re wearing, make sure they don’t restrict your movement. Your photos are meant to represent the very best of what you can do physically. It’s better to bring too much than too little. You will need to bring all your wardrobe, and it all depends on what style of dance you would like to showcase. Leotards, Crops, Half tutu’s, Pointe shoes. We supply the fabric for our stunning fabric signature photographs.

What Products do you offer and can I just have the digital images on a disc?

We offer wall art, albums, keepsake folio boxes with prints inside, and digital images on a USB drive. I believe in printing your photos so I sell prints but I offer both prints and digital images. We have packages that include prints and digital images together or you can buy prints or digital images al a carte.

How much does this cost?

The average client investment is between $900-$2400, some spend less and some spend more. There is no minimum purchase, you only purchase what you love.

Do you offer payment plans and what forms of payment do you take?

Yes we do have payment plans. We accept cash, check, and credit cards.

Where do the photo sessions take place?

The location of the photo shoot is based on what type of photos you are looking for. We choose a location after we chat about specific kinds of photos you want. It all depends on what theme we come up with. The most unique photographs come from unexpected places; the craziest ideas often lead to the coolest shots. I also have an indoor studio space in Hampshire Illinois we do portraits in.

Do I need to hire a makeup artist?

It is not required but I do recommend getting your hair and make up done professionally. You can add hair and make up with our artist for $100

I’ve never been photographed before?

A lot of people have never been professionally photographed before. The magic comes for the combined effort of your talent as a dancer and my talent as a photographer. I photograph ‘normal’ everyday dancers everyday and only a very few have had any experience in front of the camera.

I’m nervous, will I be shown what to do?

I will guide you all the way through. I work together with you to create the images you want. You are fully guided on what to do, how to stand and how to position yourself. You will be having so much fun that you will forget all about how nervous you were.

I’ve seen some photos in Pinterest or in ads – Can we try something like that?

Absolutely! I love to work together to make sure you get the photos you want.  You can email or text me photos that inspire you.

How long is it before I get to see my photos?

Two to three weeks after our dance session, you will come back to see your images. We go through them together and you pick which images and products you would like to purchase.

What happens if I need to reschedule my session?

We understand that sometimes unexpected emergencies arise that will prevent you from keeping your original scheduled appointment. We are able to provide a one-time reschedule if you notify us a minimum of 48 hours prior to your appointment. Additional reschedules will require a fee of $150 per occurrence, and are subject to schedule availability.

How do I Book a Photo Shoot?

You can email me at to get the process started. To book a photo shoot you must pay a $249 non-refundable session fee.  The session fee does not include photos.

[napoli_about title=”About the Photographer” image=”15″]My dance clients come to my studio because I have a way with capturing their unique personality through my photos. Your dance session is personal and customized to showcase your unique personality and talents. I meet with you a few weeks before to go over any questions and concerns you have. We also go over outfit choices and any ideas for the dance shoot which you may want/have.

I offer a full wardrobe of women’s dresses, skirts, crowns and accessories that are available for you to borrow for our session.[/napoli_about]

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