June 27, 2018

A Falconer and His Red Tailed Hawk

Falconry is a sport that has been around for a very long time. Falconers trap a certain type of bird, depending on what they plan on hunting. They catch this bird as an juvenile. The falconer will then work with the bird daily to help “man” it down meaning train it. They train it to fly to the fist and to return when called or lured back. They work together in the field to successfully hunt prey. The falconer will stir up the prey and the bird will hunt it down. They use the game they catch to feed the bird. In some places around the world, they will hunt to feed their families as well as the bird. I have a falconer friend that was going to his red tailed hawk this summer. He had her for 3 years and it is time for her to go back into the wild to find a mate and live the rest of her life. I wanted to capture some photos of them together before he let her go. It was an honor. Enjoy the photos.

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