Daycare Image Day

I’ll bring sports props (hockey stick, puck, baseball, basketball, soccer ball, football, baseball bat), dresses in various sizes, wings, crowns, lantern, and flower swing.

You pick which backgrounds, props and dresses you want in the images.

Each kid will have about 15 minutes and the parents can request up to 3 backgrounds/setups with 3 outfit max.
**This means they can do up to 3 different sports.
**They can do 2 sports and a fine art backdrop ect ect.
**Fairy set up with 3 dresses
**Fairy set up with 1-2 dress AND the fine art set up in another dress

Background options  (you can pick up to 3 per child)

**Sports Backgrounds (these are photoshopped in) -Hockey -Baseball -Soccer -Football (2) -Basketball

**Fairy Set Up

**Brown fine art backdrop

Package Options 

$150- 2 Digital Images

$250- 5 Digital Images

$350- 10 Digital Images

Here are what the sports images will look like. They are digital backgrounds I will add into the images I take. 

Brown Fine Art Background

(Can be used for dressy images or sport prop ones too)

Fairy Set Up