Fall Dog Photoshoot
This past fall I took our Boston and Our French Bulldog to a local forest preserve to catch the fall colors. The yellows and reds were out of this world. I just love shooting in fall colors. Please message me if you would like photos of your furry loved ones. Click each photo to see […]
Family Photos Hampshire Illinois
I photographed this lovely family this past week! You might recognize the little boy from a prior cowboy photo shoot of mine. He’s so darn adorable! I also got to meet their pups! They too have a Boston Terrier just like I do. Funny story, Ive been OBSESSED with a random driveway of trees I […]
Woodstock Il Maternity Photography
May 13, 2019
This was a beautiful session to photograph. She is having her rainbow baby and she is so excited! She’s having a boy but had a lot of fun trying on most of my maternity dresses. This was her time to shine and be spoiled. I offer all the maternity dresses below, minus the multi-colored one, […]
Falconer Photography Illinois-Beccas Release
Falconry is a sport that has been around for a very long time. Falconers trap a certain type of bird, depending on what they plan on hunting. They catch this bird as an juvenile. The falconer will then work with the bird daily to help “man” it down meaning train it. They train it to […]
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